Buying a Cell Phone For the Blind

If you are looking for a cell phone for the blind then there are two options open to you. You can get a basic model for someone who knows how to use it, or you can pay to upgrade to a more sophisticated model. The simple option is easier to work out, but if you really want a cell phone for the blind then you will need to spend a little money and make an effort.

To find a cell phone for the blind which meets your needs best, start off by doing some research. Most people don’t realise that most phones have specific key features designed for those who are visually impaired. The first thing to do when looking for a phone is to decide whether you will be using it for seeing in the dark, or for talking on the telephone. The advantage of the latter is obvious – you will be able to talk to anyone who is close by.

If you find that the phone that you are looking at will only accept text messages, then you are wasting your money. There is no point in having a cell phone for the blind that will not send and receive messages. This will mean that all your communications will be done through the same handset, and you will be limited to how many text messages you can receive at any one time.

As cell phones have increased in price over the years, so has the range of models available. Some companies have taken this on and have developed special handsets that can fit a whole host of requirements. These range from low power consumption models, to ones which are able to run video games. These are great options if you want to use a cell phone for the blind, but if you are looking for something more high spec, then you may need to pay more.

Once you have decided what you are looking for, then you are faced with choosing where you will buy one. As cell phones are so easy to buy online, you have to be careful. Make sure that you do your research before handing over any cash. Most websites will offer a returns policy and will be able to help you if you end up with a lemon. However, do not just hand over your credit card details, read everything very carefully before you make that final purchase.

Finally, there is one thing that you should avoid. Cell phones for the blind should never be used for anything other than emergencies. They are simply not made to handle long distance calls. A good idea would be to get a landline number if you are getting a cell phone for the blind. That way, they can at least call you back if they run out of strength!